Oil & Gas

There are many structural forces at play in an Oil and Gas installation, too numerous to mention here. Some of the more common applications that we have undertaken include:

  • Winch Load – Monitored from the base of the winch or through the cabular pulley wheel to ensure that any over tolerance loads are monitored and alarmed. We can supply compression load cells or load pins to suit every application.
  • Heave Compensation – Drill String Tension is constantly measured to ensure that fatigue and force evaluation are monitored and controlled in this intrinsically safe area.
  • Moorings and Load Buoys – When floating structures are used by tankers we provide measurement of mooring lines
    and anchor lines using a strain gauged load monitoring pin.
  • Anchor Load – If the offshore structure is temporary or mobile then anchor points will be used to secure its position. The forces on these require to be measured. We provide load pins or running line tensionmeter measurements for this application.
  • Crane Load – We provide load-measuring transducers to measure load forces on the crane structure and if telemetry applications are required we can provide the remote signalling, displays and alarms.
  • Pipe and Cable laying ship required strain gauged load pins applied to the pipe support rollers.