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Active Load International provides complete transducer solutions as well as designing and manufacturing strain gauge transducers.

Strain gauge transducers are designed to be Load Cells, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Pressure Transducers and any other strain related product.

Active Load can incorporate the strain gauge cells with a strain gauge amplifier to achieve an enhanced signal. Many of our strain gauge load cells are designed to be in the form of load monitoring pins to measure rope tension. Other forms taken are as load monitoring links and compressive load cells.

Load Measuring Pins.

"As knowledge of materials and designs develop, the load measuring pin is improving in accuracy and predicted life is increased. The associated electronics are making it easier to measure loads that were difficult in the past but can now be continually monitored. "


Active Load International has a wide range of Load Cells and Accessories available for many different applications, please download our catalogue for the full list.

Load Pins.

The load pin can usually replace an existing joint where a clevis pin is used. From cranes, winches, and anchor chain stops; to wedge sockets and shackles.


Compression Cells.

Active Load manufacture a range of Compression Load Cells in different sizes and capacities. Loading caps and bases, as well as cable and connectors are also available.


Load Links

Load Links are available in a wide range of capacities. Both wired and wireless telemetry versions can be manufactured to suit any application.



Active Load can offer a wide range of electronics and accessories to meet the needs and specifications of the customer, such as: handheld indicators, panel mount indicators, amplifiers, in-cell amplifiers, digital outputs, junction boxes, and bridge completion.


Please click below to visit our datasheet archive. Download your required datasheet in PDF format. If you require any additional information do not hesitate to contact us.



Active Load International has experience of strain gauge transducer applications in many industries. Having hands of experience in many of the harsh marine and construction industries we fully understand the importance of having the correct product for the application. We understand that the strain gauge transducer, such as load pins have to be designed to meet the specification required but also complement the assembly that it is to fit within.

Crane Safety

On-Hook Weighing

Load Monitoring Shackle


Mooring Load Monitoring

Anchor Winch Applications

Crane Safety

Anchor Load Monitoring

Telemetry Systems

Oil & Gas

Winch Load Monitoring

Anchor Load Monitoring

Crane Safety

Heave Compensation

Moorings & Load Buoys


On Board Weighing

Front Bucket Loads

Axle Overload Protection



Active Load International can offer a wide range of Load Cells for hire.

Our rental fleet includes:

Load Links

Load Shackles

Compression Cells

Pressure Transducers

Telemetry Cells

All of our hire equipment is regularly serviced and maintained,
and all goods are annually calibrated.

For more information on hire products and availability, please contact us.



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