Load Pins for critical load measurements

In the Oil industry we have examined the most frequent uses for the load measuring pin including drill rigs, supply boat to sub-sea assemblies.    

Pillar Load Cells 134

Active load has just received an order for a number of pillar load cells from one of the world leaders in thrust bearings. These load cells are used to measure…

Shackle 50te with telemetry

Active load has just supplied a telemetry load shackle for a remote loading application. Many of the remote applications are for dock areas for temporary load measurements on cranes.

Shackle 6 5te with special anti-rotation plate

Active load has just supplied a load shackle for an environmental engineering application. To be fitted to telescopic  boom vehicle to help with the overload system. During this project varying…

Washer Load Cells

Active Load supplied 36 hollow compressive load cells for the World’s tallest building, Burj Dubai. These load cells had to be designed and manufactured in two weeks and supplied with…