There are many marine measurements applications that Active have helped with.
Many of them have been applied to measuring the tension in a rope or a chain and have been achieved via either chain stopper, load shackle on the dead end of the rope or with a running line tensiometer.

Force monitoring on sub sea ploughs has been provided utilising custom designed submersible load pins with integral signal amplifiers.
Mooring forces measured by the installation of our load pins in the mooring hooks or from a running line tensiometer.
We have a marine solution for you. Sub sea or surface.

  • Mooring Load Monitoring
  • Anchor Winch Applications
  • Crane Safety
  • Anchor Load Monitoring
  • Telemetry Systems
  • The deploying of drilling rigs are both critical and difficult and require careful monitoring. We are able to supply the critical load measuring load cells for measuring the loads in the towing lines.
  • Dockside cranes require both safety systems as well as weighing facility. We are able to supply the strain gauge load cells for both the safety system and the precision weighing application.