Overload protection and load monitoring are typical applications within our field of expertise.

Utilising either an under hook weighing equipment such as load measuring shackles, load monitoring or a pulley block system using load monitoring pins or clamp-on transducers, together with monitoring instrumentation a complete integrated solution can be provided.

Load monitoring pins can be incorporated into the structure of a unit to ensure a secure and robust system. Clamp-on transducers can be utilised on the hoisting cable for overload protection. We can customise the solution to meet the application for both safety and weighing.

In all cases telemetry systems can be supplied for signal transmission to a remote control centre if required.

Gantry overhead cranes require overload protection and weighing facility. Active can supply the strain gauge load cells and interface instrumentation. On-hook weighing is very often required for many lifting applications. Active can supply many type of strain gauge transducers to solve the problem. Many of these application require telemetry and base station systems which are able to help with.