GA 102

GA 102 Handheld Indicator
Transducer load indicator

• Plastic housing
• High accuracy
• Direct load indication
• Units conversion button


The GA 102 handheld indicator is a microcontroller driven indicator. It is powered by battery that requires high bridge resistance for longer life. The calibration either directly with live load or by milli-volt per volt input.
Calibrated loads in lb, kg or tonne with conversions button changing from on unit to another without re-calibration. The unit also has a slow response peak hold.


• Power Supply
o Battery supply from PP3
o 2 x AA battery version option available

• Bridge Excitation
o 3Vdc stabilised (nom)

• Bridge Resistance
o 87 ohm minimum

• Bridge Sensitivity
o 0.3 to 3.0mV/V

o Input RF suppression

• Output
o RS 232 option

• Display
o 4 ½ digit LCD

• Adjustments
o Soft-cal Via front panel buttons

• Connections
o Instrument socket


• Non linearity error 0.01%
• Zero Temp coefficient 0.3 micro-volt/degree C
• Span Temp coefficient 0.01%/degree C


Additional Notes

Specification may change without notice