2700 Load Wedge Socket

Load capacity from 5 to 50te

Tensile load measurement : Easily enployed : Withstand harsh environments : High strength stainless steel load pin : Complete with anti-rotation plate : Fitted with connector.


The WEDGE series of load cells are designed for measuring tensile loads using a standard Crosby type wedge socket. The range is from 5 tonne to 50 tonne, with the larger capacities being custom built. Manufactured from a standard high strength stainless steel, with a alloy steel anti-rotation bracket. This load cell is used in permanent rope tension applications, particularly in rugged and harsh conditions. It is used at the dead end of a rope for a winch or crane.



  • Recommended excitation 10 Vdc.
  • Maximum excitation 15 Vdc.
    Output at rated load 2.0mV/V
  • Zero balance 5% of RL
  • Input impedance 700ohms +/-20
  • Output impedance 700ohms +/- 3
  • Insulation >10^9ohms
  • Compensation temp range 10 to 60 C
  • Safe temp range -30 to 70 C


  • Safe overload 150% of RL
  • Ultimate overload 300% of RL
  • Deflection <0.5mm
  • Cable type 4 core screened
  • Cable length 10 M
  • Sealing IP68


  • Non linearity & hystersis 1.0%
  • Non repeatability 0.25%
  • Zero return (after 30 mins). 0.08%
  • Temp effect/10deg C on zero 0.05%
  • Temp effect/10deg C on span 0.03%





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Strain gauge transducers are designed to be Load Cells, Force Sensors, Torque Sensors, Pressure Transducers and any other strain related product.

Active Load will incorporate the strain gauge cells with a strain gauge amplifier to achieve an enhanced signal. Many of our strain gauge load cells are designed to be in the form of load monitoring pins to measure rope tension. Other forms taken are as load monitoring links and compressive load cell.